Points of consideration when managing golf shoes

Utilizing shoe insole
Shoe insoles are not a thing to be ashamed of for men. For golf shoes, shoe insoles are used for inner reinforcement of old golf shoes and for natural weight transfer when swinging. Intentional weight transfer which leads to various side effects could be resolved by other shoe insoles. Therefore, since it is another device for long shots, using shoe insoles for old shoes with loose interior.

Avoid water
Try to avoid water in rainy seasons or cloudy days before rounding. Also, when washing them, do not keep it inside water too long like other ordinary clothes because it causes decolorization. So preventing decolorization by briefly soaking the shoes in water with salt and vinegar an use foam cleaner for shoes on the contaminated area before washing them.

Check the spikes
Checking the spikes is the most important in golf shoe management. It is best to clean the spikes after basic management following rounding. One should remove the spike and clean the dirt and other substances with a brush. If there are moist after cleaning, one should naturally dry it and put the spike back. The most important part is when to change the spikes. The timing of change is when the center of the spike is starting to wear out when there are no particular damage to the spike. Also, when the spike bump is worn out and causes fraction due to simultaneous touching of the floor by the spike bottom and the bump, the spike should be changed.

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